[Decl. escrita] Conservación de los recursos pesqueros y protección de los ecosistemas marinos con medidas técnicas (debate)

Estrasburgo, lunes, 15 de enero de 2017.

The Governance Regulation is the umbrella legislation of the Winter Package, covering all dimensions of the Energy Union, and a vital foundation for achieving the overall objectives of the Energy Union and the EU targets set out in the sectorial legislation for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

It is the backbone of the Winter Package, which will drive the transition to a renewable-based and energy efficient economy. To deliver in an accountable and robust way, it is extremely important to have a strong and ambitious Governance system in place that will bring about legal certainty and predictability for investors, beyond 2030.

This is vital to unlock investments in all sectors, to avoid stranded assets and to increase EU’s credibility in delivering in a coherent and effective manner the goals of the Paris Agreement. Governance is the key for businesses, for citizens, for the climate, for our future.

The EU needs to demonstrate it is serious about the energy transition and turn its commitments under the Paris Agreement into concrete actions.

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